What triggers an Eczema flare up?

What triggers an Eczema flare up?

Posted by Mia Murphy on 15th Feb 2014


Tonight a friend asked me about using Emu Oil to treat eczema on a child. My first question was “How old is he?”

Treating the symptoms of eczema is one thing. It’s easy to rub creams/oils/lotions on, be they natural, over the counter or prescription.

But finding the cause, or the triggers that make eczema flare up in an individual is really really hard. Even harder in a young child, because they can’t explain to you what has happened sometimes.

I really believe that treating eczema starts from the inside out. Treat the cause – inflammation – and treating the symptoms becomes so much easier, because the symptoms are so much less significant.

I tried everything to cure my sons cracked, bleeding hands. Everything. The only thing that worked – our Talyala Pure Emu Oil Capsules. Within a few short weeks, his hands went from cracked and bleeding, to completely healed.

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