Hair Loss & Hair Care

Looking for a natural way to take care of your hair and treat hair loss?

Using emu oil-enriched shampoo and conditioner along with pure emu oil could be the answer.


Emu oil’s nourishing properties make it an ideal natural alternative to chemical-laden hair products that irritate an itchy, dry and flaky scalp. It can also help combat common concerns such as scalp psoriasis and thinning or greying hair.

So, how does it work?

Emu oil sinks past the outer layers of your skin to deliver deeply moisturising, anti-inflammatory nutrients that soothe and calm the scalp, hair follicles and nails. It also has cell-regenerative qualities that research shows can revive dormant hair follicles and stimulate healthy hair growth.


The right emu oil products for you depend on the results you’d like and how quick you’d like them.

Our Emu Oil Shampoo and Conditioner are made with an all-natural, gentle formula – no SLS, parabens, petrochemicals, alcohol, glycerol or silicon – which means they’re good for your hair and safe for the whole family to use. They’re ideal if you have an itchy scalp, dandruff or dry hair.


If you have scalp psoriasis or thinning hair, we recommend taking emu oil capsules to target inflammation from within, while treating the scalp with pure oil for quick relief and cleansing with emu oil shampoo and conditioner.


Worried that using oil directly on your scalp will make your hair greasy? Don’t be – emu oil absorbs easily and quickly into your skin, so it won’t leave a nasty oil slick behind. Our shampoo and conditioner are a treat to use, too – made with a blend of essential oils, they smell delicious and leave all hair types looking silky, strong and shiny.

Try our Emu Oil for yourself.

Nourish Your Skin & Boost Your Health with Emu Oil.

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