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Vitamin K2 - The Super Vitamin

Posted by Mia Murphy on

The health benefits of vitamin K2

A growing body of research indicates that vitamin K2 has an incredible range of health benefits, including the prevention of osteoporosis, heart disease and cancer. Yet most of us have never even heard of it, let alone get enough in our diets. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of K2 as well as the best sources of this super vitamin (hint: emu oil is one of them!)

How can vitamin K improve my health?

These are just a few of the scientifically proven benefits of vitamin K2.

1. Strengthens bones and prevents osteoporosis

Dutch researchers found that vitamin K2 supplementation helps improve bone strength in post-menopausal women. Another study published in Osteoporosis International in 2015 concluded that K2 may also reduce the incidence of fractures in post-menopausal women with osteoporosis.

2. Protects against diabetes and heart disease

Researchers at the Seoul National University College of Medicine found that vitamin K2 supplementation in healthy young men increased their insulin sensitivity, which could help ward off diabetes and heart disease. In another study, a high intake of K2 reduced the incidence of coronary heart disease.

3. Prevents and fights certain types of cancer

Various studies have suggested that vitamin K2 could help lower the risk of prostate cancer, treat lung cancer and reduce the recurrence of liver cancer.

How can I make sure I’m getting enough vitamin K?

Foods that are rich in K2 include natto (a Japanese dish made from fermented soybeans), goose liver, certain types of hard cheese including Jarlsberg and Edam, and egg yolks and dark chicken meat. Most of these foods aren’t exactly everyday staples, so it’s easy to see why we struggle to get enough vitamin K2 in our diets.

The good news is that emu oil is a fantastic source of K2. But not just any emu oil will do – the type that has been shown to be loaded with K2 comes from a specific genotype of Australian emu that has greater levels of biological activity. Then, the oil must be carefully refined without being subjected to high levels of heat to avoid changing the structure of the molecules and reducing the oil’s effectiveness. When you buy Talyala 100% Pure Emu Oil or Emu Oil Capsules, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best quality emu oil available on the market.


Emu Oil in the News

Talyala Emu Oil is featured in this great article in the "Health Times" by Osteopath Dr Sarah Smith of Move Beyond  Check out the full article for some tips and tricks to see how Sarah used Emu Oil in her treatment plan to help her clients.The Emu Oil Effect: a new tool in the [...]

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​Summer beauty fixes

Summer beauty fixesBring on beach cricket and backyard barbies – the long, hot days of summer are finally here! But all that fun in the sun can leave your hair and skin dry, dehydrated and distressed. Here are five common summer beauty concerns and how emu oil can help fix them.Parched skinWhen the sun, wind, salt water and [...]

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Silky Smooth and Sticky?

We all know the feeling, walking out of the salon feeling silky smooth, but just a tiny bit sticky where the beautician didn't quite remove the tiniest teeniest bits of wax.  And boy can they stick.  But, there is an amazing solution, just apply a small amount of 100% Pure Emu Oil to the area and the [...]

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Why emu oil is great for kids

With summer just around the corner, Aussie mums are stocking their medicine cabinets with essentials to keep their kids healthy through those long, hot days. Insect repellent to keep mosquitoes at bay, antibacterial cream to treat cuts and wounds, moisturiser to relieve dry skin, aloe vera to soothe sunburns... and the list goes on. But what if we told [...]

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Have you tried it?

Have you tried our Massage Oil?  It's designed especially for topical use, approx 80% Emu Oil for the fabulous therapeutic benefits, but a the addition of a little Almond, Macadamia & Wheat Germ oil allow it to sit on top of the skin just a that bit longer, making it ideal for massaging those sore [...]

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Emu Oil and Aromatherapy

Today I had a query from a customer wanting to know if she could use Emu Oil as a carrier oil for her aromatherapy essential oils - the answer yes!Yes – 100% Pure Emu Oil  emu is a great carrier for essential oils.  One of the amazing things about emu oil is that it has the ability [...]

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Why does my oil look cloudy/gritty?

The oil hardens at lower temperatures and aesthetically, looks cloudy; The ‘gritty bits’ are the separation of the long and short fatty acid chains (biological activity. At the correct ambient temperature the oil always liquefies and presents as a silky smooth consistency. this is completely normal. This proves the oil has its biological activity intact. Unfortunately there is no way [...]

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Comfy Feet - Yes Please!

I saw this article on "The best shoes for arthritis and sore feet?" I couldn't resist sharing it.   I gave up high heels 8 years ago, but the damage of wearing shoes that were too high and too tight was already done. Now having no shoes is my best choice, but when I leave [...]

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Emu Oil & Chemotherapy

A 2009 scientific study (GS Howarth, R N Butler) looked into the effects of Bio-Active Emu Oil on Chemotherapy induced Mucositis. Intestinal mucositis is a serious disorder that results from chemotherapy for cancer whilst inflammatory bowel disease is an incurable condition with uncontrolled bowel inflammation.The study confirmed many of the anecdotal claims of Emu Oil efficacy, specifically identifying [...]

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