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Have you tried it?

Posted by Mia Murphy on

Have you tried our Massage Oil?  It's designed especially for topical use, approx 80% Emu Oil for the fabulous therapeutic benefits, but a the addition of a little Almond, Macadamia & Wheat Germ oil allow it to sit on top of the skin just a that bit longer, making it ideal for massaging those sore spots.

Lots of Physios, Osteos and Remedial Massage Therapists love this blend, available in both 100ml bottles for personal use, and 2L containers for professional needs. 

It's one of my favourite products, my 'go to' for a sore back after too much time pulling out weeds in the garden!

Emu Oil and Aromatherapy

Today I had a query from a customer wanting to know if she could use Emu Oil as a carrier oil for her aromatherapy essential oils - the answer yes!Yes – 100% Pure Emu Oil  emu is a great carrier for essential oils.  One of the amazing things about emu oil is that it has the ability [...]

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Why does my oil look cloudy/gritty?

The oil hardens at lower temperatures and aesthetically, looks cloudy; The ‘gritty bits’ are the separation of the long and short fatty acid chains (biological activity. At the correct ambient temperature the oil always liquefies and presents as a silky smooth consistency. this is completely normal. This proves the oil has its biological activity intact. Unfortunately there is no way [...]

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Comfy Feet - Yes Please!

I saw this article on "The best shoes for arthritis and sore feet?" I couldn't resist sharing it.   I gave up high heels 8 years ago, but the damage of wearing shoes that were too high and too tight was already done. Now having no shoes is my best choice, but when I leave [...]

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Emu Oil & Chemotherapy

A 2009 scientific study (GS Howarth, R N Butler) looked into the effects of Bio-Active Emu Oil on Chemotherapy induced Mucositis. Intestinal mucositis is a serious disorder that results from chemotherapy for cancer whilst inflammatory bowel disease is an incurable condition with uncontrolled bowel inflammation.The study confirmed many of the anecdotal claims of Emu Oil efficacy, specifically identifying [...]

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September Specials Are Here

Our Talyala Emu Oil Specials are here!   This month we have your favourite deals, so stock up on Emu Oil Rub, Emu Oil Moisturiser and Massage Oil with Emu Oil in special triple packs, as well as great deals on our 1000mg Pure Emu Oil Capsules.You can shop all the Talyala Emu Oil September [...]

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Breaking Research - Emu Oil

Some interesting research results and great news:

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Paper Cranes

Today I learned how to make a paper crane.  I was at a community group, bringing people together, at the playgroup Miss J and I attend.  The lady who taught us how to do is super crafty.  I'm not.  But there is something meditative about the rhythmic folds of paper, following the process to produce [...]

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Putting Emu Oil to the Test

I’ve recently asked a few family and friends to try Emu Oil for their eczema, scars, etc, so I can build up a library of ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos to use on this site, and on social media. After all, nothing tells a story like a photo!We would really love some of our customers to send [...]

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The Ongoing Eczema Battle

Eczema seems like such a cruel infliction, especially for children. My 7 year old has just finished a 2 week school swimming program, and the constant exposure to chlorine has really taken it’s toll, especially because the poor kids were not able to rinse off the chlorine in the showers as he normally would [...]

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