​Living with psoriasis

Posted by Mia Murphy on 26th Aug 2020

The red, flaky patches of skin caused by psoriasis can be embarrassing, itchy and uncomfortable. If you’ve tried everything to treat your psoriasis without success, emu oil could be a game-changer f … read more

Nourish Your Skin

Posted by Mia Murphy on 30th Apr 2020

If you suffer from dry, itchy, flaky skin, emu oil could be your saving grace. This natural, deeply nourishing oil is ideal for hydrating, soothing and protecting dry skin, leaving you with a health … read more

Active with Arthritis

Posted by Mia Murphy on 6th Apr 2020

The US Center for Disease Control & Prevent has some great tips for introducing exercise and explains why physical activity is so important for people with arthritis.If you have arthritis, parti … read more
What is inflammation?

What is inflammation?

Posted by Mia Murphy on 19th Mar 2020

When your immune system detects a threat such as infection, stress or harmful chemicals, it responds by producing inflammation to protect your cells from damage. Inflammation is usually beneficial – … read more

​How to use emu oil for hair and scalp health

Posted by Mia Murphy on 4th Jun 2019

How to use emu oil for hair and scalp healthItchy scalp driving you crazy? Hair so fried that birds keep trying to build nests in it? Or is it your lack of hair that’s worrying you? Whatever your h … read more

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