Muscle & Joint Pain

If you like to stay active, emu oil muscle rub is a must in your fit kit.

This all-natural product is a great alternative to painkillers and chemical-laden muscle rubs, providing fast-acting relief for strained and aching muscles, joint pain and bruises.

Muscle & Joint Pain

Emu oil penetrates deeply through the skin’s outer barrier to deliver its powerful anti-inflammatory properties directly to your trouble spots. Its essential fatty acids and antioxidants provide your cells with the nutrients they need to function properly – which in turn leads to reduced inflammation and enhanced healing.

Emu oil naturally contains linoleic acid, which helps to ease the pain of aching joints and muscles, vitamins A and E, which promote healing, and essential fatty acids for that anti-inflammatory action – vital if you’ve suffered an injury or deal with chronic pain.


Because emu oil plays well with others – that is, it can carry other active ingredients with it as it penetrates the skin’s barrier – it’s an excellent oil to use in sports or therapeutic massage. It sinks in quickly to relieve pain at the source, and can be mixed with other healing ingredients for a powerful deep muscle rub.


Massaging with our oil can also reduce the aches and stiffness associated with joint pain.


The most effective way to use emu oil to treat ongoing joint and muscle pain is with a combination of Capsules and Oil.


Talyala’s Emu Oil Rub is an essential for sports bags – use it before and after training to ease stiff joints and muscle aches.

Try our Emu Oil for yourself.

Nourish Your Skin & Boost Your Health with Emu Oil.

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Internal Health

If you’re only using emu oil on your skin, you’re missing out on a wealth of health benefits. Taken internally, this natural supplement delivers omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids as well as a range of antioxidants. Here’s how it can improve your wellbeing from the inside out.

​How to use emu oil for skin health

From dryness to psoriasis, skin conditions can range from annoying to debilitating. But no matter how sorry the state of your skin, you’re only one bottle of pure emu oil away from a radiant complex 

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