Putting Emu Oil to the Test

Posted by Mia Murphy on 10th Mar 2016

I’ve recently asked a few family and friends to try Emu Oil for their eczema, scars, etc, so I can build up a library of ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos to use on this site, and on social media. After all, nothing tells a story like a photo!

We would really love some of our customers to send in their scalp pictures too. Do you have a ‘before’ and ‘after’ of your scalp since using Talyala 100% Pure Emu Oil, and Talyala Natural Emu Oil Shampoo?

We get lots of great feedback on these products from customers re-ordering on the phone, and a few product reviews on this site. It would be great to spread the word about our wonderful shampoo to help everyone with an itchy scalp, dandruff, scalp psorisis or dry skin. After all, shampoo flows all over your body when you wash it off, so best make it a gentle nourishing shampoo!

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