​How to use emu oil for children's sensitive skin

Posted by Mia Murphy on 2nd Nov 2020

If your child suffers from dry, itchy, flaky skin, emu oil could be your saving grace. This natural, deeply nourishing oil is ideal for hydrating, soothing and protecting dry skin.

The composition of this nutrient-rich oil is nearly 100 per cent triglyceride lipid, which is almost identical to the make-up our own skin, allowing it to absorb quickly and deeply through the dermal layers to help restore healthy skin function. With its incredible penetrative qualities, emu oil sinks far down into the epidermis to deliver its moisturising goodness where dry skin needs it most.

Pure emu oil is safe to use on sensitive skin. It’s non-toxic, chemical free and non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog pores. Instead, it will help to soothe irritation with its anti-inflammatory action, soften rough, dry patches with its natural fatty acids and restore skin’s normal barrier function.

Pure Emu Oil can be useful to:

  • Soothe problem skin
  • Relieve the pain of bumps and bruises
  • Repel insects and treat bites
  • Treat cuts, scrapes and scratches

Also remember to use an irritant free soap or body wash for cleansing, and make sure that your laundry and household cleaning products are as gentle and natural as possible. 

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