3 ways to elevate your emu oil

Posted by Mia Murphy on 21st Aug 2018

3 ways to elevate your emu oil

Pure emu oil is fantastic for skin, penetrating deeply to deliver its anti-inflammatory goodness directly where it can be most effective. That means it’s also a great carrier for other natural remedies – team it with essential oils and you can make your own customised, wellness-boosting massage blend. Here’s a few ideas to get you started…

Relaxing massage oil

Mix: 50ml pure emu oil with 10 drops lavender, 10 drops bergamot and 10 drops sandalwood.

Why: Lavender is a traditional soothing scent, while citrusy bergamot relaxes tense muscles and earthy sandalwood lifts the mood.

Use it: For a stress-busting back and shoulder massage.

Soothing sleep aid

Mix: 50ml pure emu oil with 10 drops lavender and 8 drops roman chamomile.

Why: Both lavender and chamomile relax the mind and promote sleep with their gentle scents.

Use it: Gently rub a few drops on your temples, wrists and feet before bed.

Uplifting muscle rub

Mix: 50ml pure emu oil with 10 drops peppermint, 5 drops eucalyptus and 5 drops grapefruit or bergamot.

Why: Eucalyptus is a powerful scent (so you don’t need much!) that relieves joint and muscle pain. Cooling peppermint is also a pain reliever, while citrus scents refresh and reinvigorate tired muscles.

Use it: Rub a few drops into your legs, back or wherever your muscles are sore after a tough workout or long run.

Make sure you store your massage oil blends in a dark bottle in a cool place, and get creative – if these blends don’t work for you, play around with scent combinations that make you feel good. Consult your practitioner before using essential oils if you are pregnant.

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