Why does my oil look cloudy/gritty?

Posted by Mia Murphy on 4th Jul 2017

The oil hardens at lower temperatures and aesthetically, looks cloudy; The ‘gritty bits’ are the separation of the long and short fatty acid chains (biological activity. At the correct ambient temperature the oil always liquefies and presents as a silky smooth consistency. this is completely normal. This proves the oil has its biological activity intact. Unfortunately there is no way around changing the way the oil looks at certain temperatures unless the oil is subject to high pressure and high heat, therefore destroying the active properties of the oil.

The “cloudiness” is the separation of long chain and short chain fatty acid in the oil, which occurs when the oil is stored including encapsulated. Emu oil consists of these elements.

This is a good sign as it shows that the oil is “complete” and has not been tampered with or super refined.
The cloudiness also disappears at certain ambient temperatures. The Americans for example declare clear oil as “clean” and they ensure this with a process called molecular distillation, which is a highly manufactured oil and not a natural product. Triglycerides are transformed into ethyl esters and the biological activity is stripped from the oil.

You can gently warm the oil in your hands or by running under a warm tap.

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