The Ongoing Eczema Battle

The Ongoing Eczema Battle

Posted by Mia Murphy on 10th Mar 2016

Eczema seems like such a cruel infliction, especially for children. My 7 year old has just finished a 2 week school swimming program, and the constant exposure to chlorine has really taken it’s toll, especially because the poor kids were not able to rinse off the chlorine in the showers as he normally would after a swim. It’s taken lots of our 100% Pure Emu Oil applied topically, plus QV “Flare Up” baths, to repair his sensitive skin.

So here is my ‘skin rescue plan’ for an Eczema break out:

1) Nightly baths with QV “Flare Up”

2) Our very own Talyala 100% Pure Emu Oil massaged in 3/4 times a day. A little oil goes a long way, but for a severe case of eczema it needs to be frequently applied

3) 2 x Pure Emu Oil Capsules daily. He has only been able to manage swallowing the capsules this year, but it has made such a difference to his skin

4) Focus on good gut health, inflammation starts from the inside out. Now with kids who are fussy, this is really hard, and because I can’t get all the good stuff I would like to in, I focus on making sure that no nasties like refined sugar, additives etc are in his food. And a daily children’s probiotic does wonders too

Please note, this is not medical advice. This is the result of many years of ‘trial and error’, I’m not a doctor, I’m just a normal mum helping a little kid with his sensitive skin. Luckily, this mum discovered the magic of Emu Oil.

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