Where to Buy Emu Oil

When buying emu oil, or any product really, you’ve got 4 basic options:

  1. Order over the phone or by mail order
  2. Buying online (Click here for products page)
  3. In person at an outlet market or vendor
  4. In person at a shop

No matter which you feel most comfortable with, we have you covered.

At Talyala Emu Farm, we let you buy however you want!


Purchase Emu Oil Online Directly

Step 1: Click the products menu to start browsing our store.

Step 2: Add products you like to your cart – you can change later!

Step 3: Click your cart in the top right corner to place order.

Step 4: shipping will be quoted before payment is requested!


Phone Ordering

Step 1: Call to discuss your requirements

Step 2: Order placed & paid for in a single call

Step 3: Finalise Order. If payment was provided and all is good to go, the order ships immediately. We may have to wait for your payment (mail a cheque, direct deposit or PayPal) if payment isn't given over the phone.



Overseas Customers: don’t worry about the first shipping amount – it will optimise once you specify your country.  See also the shipping details for discounted shipping options.

Direct Deposit: If you wish to pay with this method, please call us on our free call number 1800 18 18 15.


Purchase Emu Oil From Our Stockists

If you'd rather buy in person, here's our lists of stockists by state

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