What Emu Oil is and is not!

Does emu oil really work?

We’re going to keep this one as short as we can.   If someone is suffering one of the following:

  • inflammation – arthritis, swelling or general injury
  • joint strain – joint pain/damage generally
  • direct skin damage – cuts, bruises, burns or sunburn
  • skin conditions – eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, general dryness


Then pure emu oil can help. It looks like a big list, but it’s really very short. Pure emu oil is excellent for promoting anti-inflammation, plus skin healing through nutrition & hydration.

Emu Oil Benefits

Pure Emu Oil Capsules that you take orally and Pure Emu bottled oil that you rub into an affected area.

The capsules will have a body-wide effect as the emu oil is distributed throughout your entire body as it is metabolised. Bear in mind that this also means that no one single area is directly targeted. So you cover everything, but not as thoroughly.

Most customers who use our pure emu oil capsules do so because they have more than one condition, or a condition that occurs in multiple areas – say, arthritis, eczema and psoriasis. It’s a slower delivery system, but it’s easy and it lasts.

Pure emu oil applied directly on the skin from the bottle has a very direct impact, but treats only the area where it is applied. This is most used by our customers who have one or two “trouble spots” – maybe an arthritic elbow and knee or perhaps both hands suffer arthritis pain.  It can also be used topically on insect bites, ezcema or psorais patches or the like.


When you really want a not-pure emu oil product

We say “be careful” because some people out there just dilute the oil and add nothing of value.  If you’re buying emu oil, it should be 100% pure.  If you’re buying something else, then it should be something very similar to one of the following.

•             Moisturisers/Body Cream

•             Muscle Rubs

•             Soaps & Shampoos

Emu oil moisturisers can include things like vitamin E, elastin, shea/cocoa butter.  They will also usually come with a water additive to blend properly and a stabiliser & emulsifier like glycerine.

But be careful of blends with no apparent purpose

If the product is simply pure, scented with jasmine – you should be wary as this could very well be poorly refined “rancid” emu oil.  The jasmine is added to cover the off scent of the base product.

Or maybe it has glycerine by itself, or purified aqua (water) or maybe sodium benzoate.  None of these actually do anything for you, although the last one is a preservative.

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