How Does Emu Oil Work?

How Does Emu Oil Work?

So – how does pure emu oil manage to do help with arthritis, skin conditions, and sports injuries? Sounds crazy, right? It’s really straightforward.


The 3 Properties of Emu Oil

Well, there are heaps more than 3 properties, but these are the major ones that do the good stuff for your body.

1. Potent anti-inflammatory action

Emu oil has amazing anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe and reduce inflammation. Given that many day to day issues revolve around aggravation and inflammation.

• Joint pain, muscle pain and arthritis – nearly all generated by inflammation of body tissue.

• Healing rate of skin is reduced around open wounds – the natural infection causes inflammation – the swelling you see. Organic can reduce the inflammation, soothe the infection and accelerate the healing.

Don’t just take our word for it – here’s what our customers have to say about it.

The main benefits are plenty: against muscle cramps, hurting bones, Arthritis, it makes the skin really soft and it is very beneficial on cracked fingernails, which now grow strong and healthy. Inge Borg, Hazelbrook NSW

I have Achille’s tendonitis, have had this on and off for the last ten years. I have been taking different anti- inflammatories, most quite potent, with limited effect. I decided to try massage with this oil, as well as taking the capsules. My heels feel better than they have in several years. I have cut my medication to once a day, and plan to continue with the emu capsules, as long as it is effective. I have shared both the oil and capsules with my two sisters who also have assorted arthritic aches. Josie Bencic, Ontario Canada


2. Unbelievable Penetration Capabilities

Humans are water tight – that’s why we can go for a swim without dying! Most stuff just doesn’t get past the outer layers of our skin.

Emu oil does. So skin conditions and joint pains that occur far beneath the surface of the skin can be reached. Especially with respect to tendonitis and arthritis, where there is no muscular relief to be had – emu oil can truly save the day.

And as a moisturiser, emu oil is peerless – because it’s not just doing the outer few layers of skin like every other product. It penetrates, hydrates and nourishes the epidermis from within.

3. Plays well with others and carries almost anyone!

Pure emu oil is bacteriostatic – it cannot grow bacterial organisms, which is why it plays so well with everyone’s skin – even the most sensitive skin.
Additionally, emu oil is a fantastic “vehicle” – it can carry other compounds blended with it, deeper into your core tissues.

That’s it – 3 properties. It’s an anti-inflammatory, can get anywhere it needs to go, inhibits bacteria and can take anything with it.
Suddenly, soothing eczema & psoriasis while greatly assisting with arthritis pain doesn’t sound crazy does it?
In fact, it makes common sense. It’s like it was custom made for this set of jobs.

The only catch? No one “created” this product – it’s simply very strictly refined emu fat. It’s the same as it’s always been – same as the emu oil used by Aborigines for the last 10,000 years or so.

It’s not new. It’s totally natural when refined properly. And it lives up to its claims.


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