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Emu Oil has been around for thousands of years, but it is only recently that modern day science has proven what the Australian Indigenous People have known for a long time, Emu Oil is an excellent natural anti-inflammatory and is also a natural source of Omega 3, 6, 7 & 9 and Vitamins A, D, E & F which are necessary to maintain good health.


Emu Oil is so effective because of its unique, natural molecular structure and because it is essentially made up of several essential fatty acids which are widely recognised as being able to assist with arthritis, psoriasis and other common skin and joint pains. 

Talyala sources its Emu Oil from a particular Emu sub species, which has been scientifically proven to yield higher levels of biological activity than other species. It is this biological activity that determines how much benefit you will get. To ensure all this biological activity is retained, the rendering and refining process is central to making the finished product as effective as the raw product.

During the refining and rendering process, it is critical that this unique molecular structure is not altered, as this is when the oil can lose the properties that make it so effective. This is known as molecular distillation. When the oil is subjected to high amounts of pressure and temperatures, it changes the structure of the molecules in the oil and this reduces the biological activity present, thus reducing its effectiveness.

Pure Emu Oil contains the following Essential Fatty Acids:

Palmitic acid


Palmitoleic acid


Stearic acid


Oleic acid


Linoleic acid


Linolenic acid


Some Emu Oil Facts

Pure Emu Oil has anti-inflammatory properties and is known for its penetrating ability. The ability to penetrate the skin is bought about by the high levels of oleic acid. Vitamin E occurs naturally in Emu Oil.
Emu Oil is bacteriostatic. Tests show that in its pure state, Emu Oil grows no bacterial organisms. For this reason pure non-contaminated Emu Oil has a long shelf life.
Emu Oil has a low potential for irritation of the skin. At full strength Emu Oil has irritation levels so low that they are the same as those found in putting water on the skin i.e. almost non-existent.
Emu Oil does not clog the pores of your skin and leaves no greasy residue.
It has been shown to reduce pain, swelling and stiffness in joints, to reduce recent bruising and muscle pain and ease sports related muscle strains.

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