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Welcome to our information center. We sincerely hope to educate people about our products and what it can be used for, without trying to "market it".

In the last 20 years, we have had hundreds of people ask us ‘is it PURE EMU OIL’ or they have said "I have tried that ‘product’ and it didn't work on my aches and pains". When we actually talk to the people, nine times out of ten, the ones who have ‘tried’ our products and it ‘didn’t work’ have actually purchased a product, but with only a very small percentage in most cases, that is meant only for moisturising and have thought it would work on their sore neck or knees.


General Emu Oil Guides

Intro to uses, treatments & the remedies it can offer. No hard sell, just the science of why it's great.

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Where to Buy Emu Oil

No matter how you want to buy, we've got you covered. Online, phone, fax, email or at your local markets.

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What is Emu Oil

How is it made or extracted? What refinement process is involved & does it affect quality?

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