Consumer’s Guide to Buying Emu Oil

Talyala Emu Farm has been in the emu industry for more than 20 years. We pride ourselves on selling high quality ‘fresh’ Emu Oil Products.

Pure emu oil is an ‘oil’ not a cream

It is a natural product and can vary in colour from 'yellowy' to almost white. When pure emu oil is warm it will be in a liquid form (almost the consistency of olive oil) and when it is cold or refrigerated it will be more solid (like butter or even a bit harder).


How to buy emu oil

Ensure that the product you buy is listed with the Therapeutic Goods Administration

All 100% pure emu oil should have an AUSTL Number on the label – this is the number to say that the product you are buying is listed with the Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia. All emu oil products have to go through stringent testing and must be processed and bottled at licensed premises (pharmacentucial companies). Unfortunately there are still some products labelled as emu oil on the market that do not meet these criteria – they are usually the cheaper versions of original products.


Beware of Emu Oil with added fragrances

When you see a product saying ‘pure emu oil with lavender’ or some other fragrance added, in most cases you can almost bet that is ‘older’ emu oil and the lavender or fragrance is used to cover up the ‘old or rancid’ smell.  Fresh emu oil has no scent.


Do you want emu oil in the bottle to rub in or capsules to take internally?

Pure emu oil capsules are more for long term use. These capsules are used for helping most of the symptoms that the pure emu oil is rubbed on the outside for – arthritis, eczema, psoriasis, aches and pains etc. We have thousands of customers who now use capsules for the above conditions and most find that once they start on capsules they do not need to rub the emu oil topically near as much.

This makes it much easier for people who have a number of areas they need to treat – eg. Sore neck, back and knees – they do not need to rub it here, there and everywhere! The emu oil capsules work on the symptoms from the inside.


Read the label to make sure it is ‘100% Pure Emu Oil’

Many of the emu oil products on the market today have the words ‘Emu Oil’ on the jar or bottle in large letters and then the words ‘cream’ or ‘crème’ written in very small letters under the large ‘Emu Oil’. In our opinion this is very misleading to the public – because they think they are getting the ‘Emu Oil’ that is good for helping them with their aches & pains, arthritis, eczema, psoriasis etc.


There are great products based on emu oil – moisturisers, rubs, massage oils – What do you need the product for?

There are many fantastic products on the market as mentioned above but you must be aware of their intended use. For example, an Emu Oil Moisturiser is great for your face and for moisturising but it won’t do much for your aches and pains. Likewise, an Emu Oil Rub is usually very good for your aches and pains but you would never rub it on your face for moisturising.

You can use ‘emu oil’ for treatments, including arthritis, eczema, psoriasis, aches, face moisturiser, burn & sunburns.


Make sure your pure emu oil is not mixed with other mineral oils

Again, you need to be extra cautious that the product you are purchasing has nothing else added – it should have 100% pure emu oil. There are some products out there that are mixed with mineral oils and the truth is that to be the colour and consistency they are there would be very little actual emu oil in the product. In our opinion this is also very misleading to the general public – if in doubt read the label and make sure that it has an AUSTL number. The number will be displayed on the label and should look something like this AUSTL95322 (it usually has either 5 or 6 numbers after the letters AUSTL)


Does it come with a money back guarantee? If not, why not?

It is our belief that if you have a good product that does actually work then you should guarantee it. Talyala Emu Farm has been guaranteeing our products for over 20 years and we are happy to say we do not get many returns or customers asking for a refund.

Our guarantee is simply – ‘If you are not happy with the results of using our product, then please contact us and we will arrange to do a refund for you’


How much does that business really know about emu oil?

How long have the people you are buying from been in business and do they know much about emu oil? – or do they just sell products as a sideline and buy cheap imitations and hope the customer will not know the difference?

There are many great operators out there, but you just need to be careful about how much back up service and information you will be able to get after you have purchased your products.


Can you get them on the phone and ask questions?

Some companies have a Freecall Phone number which is very handy if you have any questions, while other companies expect you to call them on their mobile phone, email them and sometimes you have to wait for your answer for days or sometimes even weeks.

We all want quick answers and preferably direct from an emu oil supplier!


Do they have a REAL address and are they easily accessible?

The internet is great, but you still need to be careful that you are dealing with ‘real people and/or a real company’ and it helps ease your mind if they do actually show an address and phone contact details rather than just an email address as a contact.

We at Talyala Emu Farm hope that this information will be helpful for you as you make your choice about which emu oil to try and if you have any questions whatsoever, please feel free to call us on FREECALL 1800 18 18 15 or use our Contact Us Form.

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