What is inflammation?

What is inflammation?

Posted by Mia Murphy on 19th Mar 2020

When your immune system detects a threat such as infection, stress or harmful chemicals, it responds by producing inflammation to protect your cells from damage. Inflammation is usually beneficial – … read more

Silky Smooth and Sticky?

Posted by Mia Murphy on 14th Nov 2017

We all know the feeling, walking out of the salon feeling silky smooth, but just a tiny bit sticky where the beautician didn't quite remove the tiniest teeniest bits of wax.  And boy can they sti … read more

Emu Oil and Aromatherapy

Posted by Mia Murphy on 18th Jul 2017

Today I had a query from a customer wanting to know if she could use Emu Oil as a carrier oil for her aromatherapy essential oils - the answer yes!Yes – 100% Pure Emu Oil  emu is a great carrier … read more

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