Active with Arthritis

Posted by Mia Murphy on 6th Apr 2020

The US Center for Disease Control & Prevent has some great tips for introducing exercise and explains why physical activity is so important for people with arthritis.If you have arthritis, parti … read more

​How an osteopath uses emu oil

Posted by Mia Murphy on 6th Aug 2018

How an osteopath uses emu oilEmu oil is a great natural home remedy, but it’s also increasingly being used in professional practice. We spoke with Sarah Smith, director and osteopath at Beyond i … read more
What you need to know about inflammation

What you need to know about inflammation

Posted by Mia Murphy on 22nd May 2018

When your immune system detects a threat such infection, stress or harmful chemicals, it responds by producing inflammation to protect your cells from damage. Inflammation is usually beneficial, but … read more

Emu Oil in the News

Posted by Mia Murphy on 13th Dec 2017

Talyala Emu Oil is featured in this great article in the "Health Times" by Osteopath Dr Sarah Smith of Move Beyond  Check out the full article for some tips and tricks to se … read more

September Specials Are Here

Posted by Mia Murphy on 12th Sep 2016

Our Talyala Emu Oil Specials are here!   This month we have your favourite deals, so stock up on Emu Oil Rub, Emu Oil Moisturiser and Massage Oil with Emu Oil in special triple packs, as well as … read more

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